Prepaid SIMs - A good , but not the BEST solution

Using Local, Prepaid SIMs While Traveling

Instead of paying ROAMING charges, you can get a prepaid cellular phone account on the VISITED NETWORK. If you use a GSM phone this is very easy. All you do is buy a Prepaid SIM (available at airports and at cellular phone shops all around town) and install it in your own cellular phone. It is easy to install the SIM in your phone as shown here.

But the best part is that you now have a local phone number and get local rates, which are typically about $0.20 per minute with incoming calls being free. You need to check the rates for the network you will be using, but these rates from Vodaphone in the UK are typical.

You have a local phone number and you are saving money, but the people who need to reach you, don't know this number. Enabling people to reach you is the service offered by InTouch SmartCards.


"Prepaid SIMs are a good solution, but InTouch SmartCards has the best solution!"

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