InTouch SmartCards - Your Best Solution For International Roaming

Need to use your cell phone worldwide?

Don't want to pay high-priced roaming charges?

  • With InTouch SmartCards, you can save 1/2 the roaming cost but still be reached all over the world on you home cell phone number.
  • You don't have to have a "world phone" and you can use InTouch in Europe even if you have a CDMA phone at home.

You avoid these high roaming costs by:

  • Buying a prepaid cellular account or "throwaway" phone in the country you are visiting (you now get service at local rates)
  • Forwarding your home cell phone to InTouch and InTouch will re-route the call to your new cell phone account. The people who call you will be unaffected. In fact they don't need to know that your are out of the country!

This is what you do:

Buy a prepaid cellular account- When you get to the country you are visiting, you purchased a prepaid cellular account. If you are in a GSM country and have an "unlocked" GSM world phone, then you can buy a prepaid SIM. But if your phone is not compatible you can buy a prepaid phone. They essential "throwaway phones" and are very inexpensive.More details here.

Where do you buy a prepaid account - You can buy the prepaid cellular account in a shop in the airport when you land. But if you are in a hurry don't worry, any cellular phone store will be glad to fix you up and cellular phone stores are everywhere. More information, including representative costs for prepaid accounts are shown here.

How much will it cost and what are the rates? - Now that you have a prepaid phone in the country you are visiting you are a local and you are not paying any roaming charges. You are paying local rates, just like the people who live in the country you are visiting. And in most countries, you can receive phone calls at no charge. So don't worry about giving out your new cell phone number to everyone and when they call talk as long as you want, became it is NOT using up your minutes.

To Activate your InTouch Account:

  1. Forward all calls to your home phone to your assigned InTouch Inbound number. Since you only do this once per trip, it is best to do this before you leave the country, but if you have a world phone that works in the country you are visiting, you can do it from there. There are some other ways as discussed here.
  2. Activate InTouch forwarding: You can do this by sending an SMS from your prepaid phone, by making a voice call to InTouch, or by logging into the InTouch website.
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